Parerea dumneavoastra este importanta pentru noi. Va rugam sa ne impartasiti impresiile dumneavoastra.

I found the place warm and welcoming for the kids and the place itself is really amazing for a kindergarten, first of, because it is in the center of the city in magical-looking historical building and secondly because it is one of the not so many kindergartens that actually addresses the kids in English and German language - with really good focus on the little ones.

No free parking in the area most of the times [but plenty of pay per hour].
Posted By: Cosmin Marinescu
Private Kindergarten, Afterschool & Primary School which follow the British Curriculum.
Maria Kinder Kids offers high quality education for children aged 2-12 years old, in a warm and relaxing environment.
The institution is located in the center of Bucharest, Amzei Street, no.6, district 1
Posted By: Alex Florea
What we learn becomes a part of who we are" - that's a favorite quote that comes into my mind when I bring Eva each day at Maria Kinder Kids. Very talented and kind teachers that are trying to create positive associations with learning and problem solving with each kid. I would recommended it to any parent!
Posted By: Vlad Stefanescu

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